Jonathan and Barbara - Couples Counselors in San FranciscoWe are passionate about saving marriages… reviving relationships, resolving conflicts, healing infidelity and in general, helping couples recover harmony.

By focusing on the present, on possibilities and on solutions – rather than on problems and on the past – we are able to move couples from pain and struggle to joy and fulfillment.

Through a very pragmatic, proactive, warm and creative approach, we coach couples to strengthen communication and intimacy skills. We find that we can help any motivated couple make positive changes in their life.

While we realize it can be challenging to maintain a dynamic connection in primary relationships, we believe this connection is our human birthright. In our own relationship, we continually strive to sustain passionate aliveness and much of what we do in our work with couples is founded on navigating and succeeding in our own partnership.

We love to share with clients the discoveries we have made and the tools we have developed on our relationship journey, as well as the many skills we have accumulated in our combined seven decades of training. It has been our dedication since our teen years to master the art of a committed joyful partnership and it is unbelievably fulfilling and exciting to see what we have learned come alive for our clients.

Whether you are on a spiritual path, a path of psychological growth, or simply wishing to have the best possible marriage, we find that relationship is the ultimate teacher. There’s no better path to learn about yourself, enjoy a more passionate partnership, and live a larger richer life.