Jonathan & Barbara

jonathan-2016Jonathan Eli Herrick, LCSW

The author of THE HEART OF RELATIONSHIP: Five Ultimate Truths for Understanding the Couple Relationship, Jonathan has worked with thousands of couples over thirty years, and has for forty-five years practiced and taught meditation.

He is just completing The Voice of the Wind, a spiritual allegory, as well as developing Fire and Light for the stage, his play inspired by Jewish mystical tales.

A graduate of NYU’s Masters Program in Social Work, widely regarded as an exceptional couple’s therapist and retreat leader, Jonathan is licensed in CA (#27340), CT & NY.

Barbara CarrolBarbara Carroll, MA

A psychologist for twenty-five years, Barbara is also the creator and CEO of In Your Element, an image-consulting business that supports self-discovery and authentic self-expression. She has introduced thousands of women to her system throughout the United States.

Highly respected for coaching, workshops and large audience lectures, she also trains and licenses consultants in her system.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s masters program in counseling psychology, she also attended the Coaches Training Institute, and she is known for deeply intuitive and highly original couples retreats and therapy work, which she and Jonathan co-lead.

Between them, Barbara and Jonathan have successfully launched a son and two daughters.