Relationship Group Therapy

  • Cultivate new relationship skills
  • Engage in powerful present-moment techniques
  • Enjoy profound support
  • Experience exhilarating change
  • Practice new social behaviors

Jonathan has been creating powerful group experiences, with uniquely creative approaches, for twenty-five years. The author of The Heart of Relationship: Five Ultimate Truths, he is a graduate of NYU School of Social Work and married for 40 years.

Free consultation to determine if the group is right for you and if you are right for the group.

For more information call Jonathan at 415.722.9446

The groups are small, powerful “change engines” of 5-8 members They are for people who want to master relationship skills


I – TRUST & SAFETY – first and foremost, a foundation of trust and safety is created. Members are encouraged to “travel” at their own speed. Part of the group process is learning to “read” and trust your own compass

II – CONFIDENTIALITY – this is underscored among group members as part of the foundation of trust.

III – STRETCHING – You will, however, be supported in extending your comfort zone – so that, at “your own speed,” you can journey to greater fulfillment and spaciousness.

IV – THE APPROACH – All our work is highly pragmatic and based on an appreciation of both human limitation and spiritual limitlessness.

LOCATION:  Sausalito

INITIAL CONSULT:  A 15-minute consultation, at no charge, is required both to assess your appropriateness for a particular group and to give you the opportunity to get  a sense about the group leader.