Couples Retreat – With Jonathan & Barbara

Our Couples Retreats are an unparalleled opportunity to radically transform your primary relationship. Whether you are on the verge of divorce, coasting as unromantic “roommates,” or simply wishing to revitalize your marriage, we promise any motivated couple (*) that you will break through to greater feelings of love and fulfillment during a retreat. Whatever it takes, we won’t let you leave until you do. Helping couples “break through” is our own passion.

Couples arrive feeling disconnected, hopeless, betrayed, angry – and leave feeling alive and affectionate, partnering in a revitalized and deeply connected way.

The unexpected happens.


After speaking to divorce attorneys, one couple came to us as a last resort. Many months after the retreat, they wrote, “Now we feel confident that we have the tools to manage any issue that arises….We’ve changed the date of our anniversary to our retreat weekend.”


Weekly therapy has its virtues, but nothing compares to the power of sequential days devoted to marital change. Our retreats offer a wide spectrum of tools, skills, homework and play, as well as compassion and intuition – to interrupt and dissolve old patterns and create a new foundation of dynamic connection and love. The work of the retreat is both demanding and fun. The results are, by ordinary therapeutic standards, enjoyable, remarkably quick and lasting.


We hold retreats in places of great natural beauty: Big Sur, Tamales Bay, Sonoma, Costa Rica, Hawaii and other romantic getaways. We lead them for both individual couples and small groups of couples. Their length varies from three to six days, with a one day follow-up 30 to 60 days later.


We offer two basic programs: Couples Camp for couples who yearn for more magic in their relationship, and Emergency Repair for couples on the brink. That said, we find that most couples benefit from many of the same tools and attitudinal shifts.


To learn about rates, please call 415 722 9446.

We provide a free twenty-minute in-person or video consultation for parties genuinely interested in attending a retreat.

*We recognize it often takes just one highly motivated partner to create change in the relationship.

Our marriage was struggling when we agreed to engage in a therapeutic retreat with Barbara and Jonathan. We wanted to make our marriage work but just didn’t know how. In fact we thought we had some insurmountable obstacles. I had little faith that a retreat itself could make a significant difference to our marriage but decided to trust Jonathan and Barbara and do my best. I was completely rocked by the change that occurred after just three days. I was thrilled by the results. Now, many months after the retreat, our relationship continues to get better.

11/15 A mom and investment firm managing partner

Doing the intensive relationship retreat with Jonathan and Barbara rescued our marriage from the brink of collapse. My wife and I had reached a place where we were living like roommates, afraid to have conversations with each other because most the time one of us would blow up. The anger and tension had reached such a peak that we couldn’t see a way back to each other. The retreat helped us remember what we love about each other and build a much more connected, loving and functional relationship based on a genuinely healthy foundation. I will be forever grateful to Barbara and Jonathan.

JH, entrepeneur 12/15

Before our relationship retreat weekend with Jonathan & Barbara, our marriage was hanging on by a thread. Since then it has been more than solid ever since.

S. B. former Fortune 500 Company Exec. and mother of two. 2/15

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