Couples Workshops & Retreats

For Remarkable, Deeply-In-Love Couples Who Work Together

Barbara Carroll, M.S. and Jonathan Eli Herrick, LCSW

Beyond ideas of right and wrong there is a field.
I’ll meet you there
Where our souls lie down together. 
 Jalāl Rumi

Our workshops and retreats are unparalleled opportunities to radically transform your relationship. Let us help you transmute passionate conflict or roommate limbo into an ecstatic field of profound connection.

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  • Are you in a great, committed relationship—yet waste too much time and energy arguing and spinning downward? Do you shift too often and too quickly from kissing to hissing?
  • Does conflict reduce your wellbeing, your societal impact and your income?
  • Have you done tons of psycho/spiritual work—yet continue to fight or live like “roommates?”  

As partners that are both passionately in love and work together, we find that the more deeply we connect, the more creative and productive we are. The greater our relational wellbeing, the more remarkable the clients we attract. Permanently up-leveling a relationship also creates a substantial ripple effect on family and community. We believe that “couple power magic” is one of the greatest creative forces in the universe.

After spending a combined 70 years developing psychological and spiritual skills, yet still engaging in fierce, STUPID fights, we were profoundly motivated to heal our relationship. Inspired by Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements and AA’s 12 steps, we asked for and were gifted a four-point CODE. In simple, powerful steps it unlocks the secret for sustaining and growing a vibrant healthy connection. How? By distilling the most powerful known therapeutic skills and tools and adding our own original, potent paths to extraordinary heights of intimacy.

Taking several years to perfect and test the CODE on ourselves and on our clients, and seeing it work miracles, we now are sharing it with a wider circle. Trust us, if it worked for us, it can work for you! The more connected we are the brighter we shine.

Aristotle referred to the ultimate couple as “Twin Flames”—two halves of an original unity that rediscover each other in an attempt to rejoin as one. The fire from these relationships can be destructive. However, when they succeed, they can become a “ménage a trois with God,” a joyful union that spirals ever upward.

Results you can expect:

  • Powerful tools and skill sets to reduce or eliminate arguments and fights
  • A far deeper level of commitment to each other
  • Much greater harmony and more profound passion.
  • Unique pathways that vaporize static to clear space for heights of intimacy and joy
  • Engaging other supportive, remarkable couples

We offer a free 20-30-minute consult to determine if we are a good match.  


The One-Day Workshop – this dynamic day introduces our CODE and helps you begin implementing permanent positive changes.

Cost:  $350.00 per couple.

The Six-Month Program includes:

  • A 2-day intensive offered in both San Francisco and San Luis Obispo.  
  • A one-day intensive—three months later, as follow-up
  • 1-2 video conferences each month over 6 months
  • On-going email support for 6 months
  • An opportunity to be part of an on-going community of remarkable couples for mutual support both during the 6 months and for the rest of your life.

Cost: $3500.00 per couple


These are private intensives—one couple with Jonathan & Barbara, where we combine deep work with relaxation and playfulness.

The 14-Day Package

  • 1-hour Zoom
  • Half-day retreat (3 hours + break time)
  • 90-minute Zoom follow-up
  • up to 10 emails for up to two weeks

Cost: $3600.00 

If you are interested in a longer, more intensive program that allows for deeper breakthroughs, we can design one specific to your needs.

Far more effective than weekly therapy, these programs generally cost far less and are a lot more fun for both you and for us.



Our marriage was struggling when we agreed to engage in a therapeutic retreat with Barbara and Jonathan. We wanted to make our marriage work but just didn’t know how. In fact we thought we had some insurmountable obstacles. I had little faith that a retreat itself could make a significant difference to our marriage but decided to trust Jonathan and Barbara and do my best. I was completely rocked by the change that occurred after just three days. I was thrilled by the results. Now, many months after the retreat, our relationship continues to get better.

11/15 A mom and investment firm managing partner

Doing the intensive relationship retreat with Jonathan and Barbara rescued our marriage from the brink of collapse. My wife and I had reached a place where we were living like roommates, afraid to have conversations with each other because most the time one of us would blow up. The anger and tension had reached such a peak that we couldn’t see a way back to each other. The retreat helped us remember what we love about each other and build a much more connected, loving and functional relationship based on a genuinely healthy foundation. I will be forever grateful to Barbara and Jonathan.

JH, entrepeneur 12/15

Before our relationship retreat weekend with Jonathan & Barbara, our marriage was hanging on by a thread. Since then it has been more than solid ever since.

S. B. former Fortune 500 Company Exec. and mother of two. 2/15

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