One Day Couples Workshop

With Barbara Carroll, MA &  Jonathan Eli Herrick, LCSW

blamingWho: Couples and individuals wanting rich, harmonious relationships
What: Learning practical, proven skills and new perspectives
Why: To reduce suffering and increase joy in relationship
Where: Sausalito, CA
When:  TBD

Do you and your partner:              

  • Feel like roommates?
  • Walk on eggshells to avoid conflict?
  • Have stupid fights, repetitively?
  • Yearn for the sparkle of the early days?
  • Have conflicts that spiral downward?
  • Feel hopeless about how to “make things work?

This dynamic, interactive workshop will help you begin to:

  • Turn your relationship into a positive, upward spiral.
  • Transform deeply ingrained, negative patterns of conflict.
  • Learn how to communicate successfully.
  • Avoid blaming and focusing on the past.
  • Develop skillful conflict resolution.
  • Bridge the distance between the two of you.

Jonathan and Barbara - Couples Counselors in San FranciscoBarbara & Jonathan, a couple who help couples, have developed a unique process of four original and powerful steps that lead to rapid, enduring change.

Their specialty, and one of their great passions, is leading couples’ retreats, where they engage these steps to great advantage.

Together they have spent fifty years in therapeutic service, having worked with thousands of clients.

Their book, Cracking the Love Code, is due to be published in 2016. Jonathan published The Heart of Relationship in 2001. Barbara founded and was CEO of In Your Element for twenty-five years.

This workshop offers a safe space and a positive experience. It is held in a beautiful, intimate setting with a maximum of 12 couples.


Retreat space in Sausalito, CA overlooking the Bay, with 180-degree views.

The day will include a 1 ¾ hour lunch break with time to walk to local restaurants and time to picnic on our private beach.

Stop Your Crazy Ass Suffering - One Day Couples Workshop


TO REGISTER or obtain more information CALL Jonathan at 415 722 9446,  email Barbara at, or fill out this short form

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Working with Barbara & Jonathan is one of the greatest things my husband and I did for our marriage. Their work is profound and deep, and we healed parts of ourselves that we never thought we'd be able to heal. I'm forever grateful that these two masterful beings came into our lives.

Insightful to a degree that I have yet to see in another individual.

Its hard to really describe how amazing Jonathan is in a quick review. My wife and I have known him for over a decade -- he has helped with so much more then just our marriage.

He is insightful to a degree that I have yet to see in another individual. Sometimes he can solve an issue that we are having with friends, family, our marriage our child in a single sentence and can change our life.

I am a skeptical, demanding, strong individual who doesn't take things for granted. Winning me over took not only time, but numerous successful examples. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

by Former Fortune 500 Company Exec. on Embrace Couples Counseling & Therapy
Their work went far beyond our expectations.

Our marriage was hanging on by a thread when we attended a retreat weekend with Barbara & Jonathan. Since then our relationship has bloomed. Their work went far beyond our expectations. We now consider that weekend our anniversary date.

Helped us remember what we love about each other...

Doing the intensive relationship retreat with Jonathan and Barbara rescued our marriage from the brink of collapse. My wife and I had reached a place where we were living like roommates, afraid to have conversations with each other because most the time one of us would blow up. The anger and tension had reached such a peak that we couldn't see a way back to each other. The retreat helped us remember what we love about each other and build a much more connected, loving and functional relationship based on a genuinely healthy foundation. I will be forever grateful to Barbara and Jonathan.

by A mom and investment firm managing partner on Embrace Couples Counseling & Therapy
I was completely rocked by the change that occurred

Our marriage was struggling when we agreed to engage in a therapeutic retreat with Barbara and Jonathan.

We wanted to make our marriage work but just didn't know how. In fact we thought we had some insurmountable obstacles.

I had little faith that a retreat itself could make a significant difference to our marriage but decided to trust Jonathan and Barbara and do my best.

I was completely rocked by the change that occurred after just three days. I was thrilled by the results. Now, many months after the retreat, our relationship continues to get better.

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